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We are currently re-designing the MegaMol™ Website. It reflects the newest changes in MegaMol™, like our move to GitHub and the consequent improvement of the MegaMol™ build process. You can sneak a peek at the new website here, but it is still very much work in progress.

MegaMol™ is a visualization middleware used to visualize point-based molecular datasets. This software is developed within the Collaborative Research Center 716, subproject D.3 at the Visualization Research Center (VISUS) of the University of Stuttgart and at the Computer Graphics and Visualization Group of the TU Dresden.

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Obtaining MegaMol™

MegaMol™ is freely and publicly available as open source following the therms of the BSD-3-Clause License.

Core elements and standard plugins can be found on GitHub.

MegaMol™ v.1.1

Download the release v1.1 for your Platform:

  • MS Windows x64 (MSVC 2013) | 4.20 MB | MD5 e9c715139b83e9777a62c62be4e82b11
  • MS Windows x86 (MSVC 2013) | 3.67 MB | MD5 1bd493749bf3e957c0da6c023c3592ae
  • Linux x64 (Ubuntu 15.4; GCC 4.9.2;, v.2.21) | 6.76 MB | MD5 89cabcd4771842a9d53415219be1866b

You additionally should download the script package and the documentation package:


Scripts and Examples

  • Scripts and Samples | 26.2 MB | MD5 3444250658d5aeb5df402043686cbf90
    • Scripts and several sample data files to try out MegaMol™

Additional Tools:

Source Code

The complete source code of the release v1.1 can be downloaded as single package:

The current version of the release repository can be found on GitHub.

You find more information and alternative downloads here.

MegaMol™ Documentation

File Formats

Developer Info

MegaMol™ - FDC - Framework Development Challenge

In order to push the development of MegaMol™ further into the directions of required changes of the frame work, the MegaMol™-Development-Board proudly presents the MegaMol™ Framework Development Challenge.

Citing MegaMol™

If you want to reference MegaMol™ you have several options listed on the site referencing MegaMol™. For a short link, please use one of these URLs which guarantee for future accessibility:

Special versions

There are several special versions of MegaMol™ for particular purposes:

  • SimTech This is a MegaMol™ version used in a SimTech project.
  • Girls' Day This version is a completely independent design, based on general MegaMol™ codes. (website in german only)


MegaMol™ has contained a plug-in system since version 0.4. In this version, MegaMol™‘s core component assumes the general functions of the framework, as well as the basic rendering for molecular dynamic datasets with the help of GPU sphere glyphs. Plug-ins are used for further specialized visualization or illustration purposes beyond the main scope of MegaMol™.

Here is a list of some plug-ins:

  • mmstd_datatools Standard plugin containing modules to manipulate particle data sets (e.g. changing time codes and filtering)
  • mmstd_moldyn Standard plugin containing modules to render, load, and manipulate particle data from molecular dynamics sources.
  • mdao2 The newest implementation of Ambient Occlusion for molecular dynamics:
  • Dislocations A plug-in allowing for a compact and distinct display of dislocation or stacking-fault structures in crystal lattices. It was created in a joint effort by the SFB 716 subprojects D.3 and B.2. Published: S. Grottel, C. Dietrich, J. Comba, T. Ertl, "Topological Extraction and Tracking of Defects in Crystal Structures", Workshop: TopoInVis 2009, Snowbird, Utah.
  • mvplots In this plug-in, parts of the research work of SFB 716 subproject D.5 are realized. It centers on the visualization of multi-variant data with the help of scatterplots and parallel coordinates.
  • Protein This plug-in adds functionality to MegaMol™ in terms of the visualization of proteins and other biomolecules. Its development is part of the research work of SFB 716 subproject D.4.
  • mmstd_trisoup This miniature plug-in only renders a simple list of triangles as geometry. It mainly works as reference implementation for other plug-ins.

Who, What, Where?

MegaMol™ is developed in the SFB 716 subproject D.3. Accordingly, the main project operator is also mainly responsible for MegaMol™’s development and architecture.

  1. This wiki contains all the basic information on MegaMol™. At least, that is the idea behind it. If you should find something missing, please contact the person in charge so that it will be added or so that you will be granted the rights to add it yourself.
  2. The mailing liste (most of the time in german) is the means of communication for everyone involved with the development of the MegaMol™ project. It should be used to distribute general information (like breaking code changes) or data which could be interesting to all. The mailing list’s website is accessible via
  3. This Trac contains a Ticket-System for bug reports or feature requests. If you think you found a new bug or would like for a new feature to be added, please record it here.
  4. The trouble-shooting guide (currently in german only) might also be helpful to you for it lists all the mistakes commonly made.
  5. If all of the above can still provide no help for you, then (and only then) you can contact one of the main developers with your problem (Guido Reina).

Older Versions

Information on older MegaMol™ versions can be found here: Old versions of MegaMol™ (in german only)

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